Server Feautures

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Server Feautures

Post by Admin on Fri Jun 22, 2018 5:54 pm

Auto Event every hour!
Automated Remote Backups Daily, so there is no chance of any data loss!
Pure silver System - Glit Medals
Mana Potions
Wedding Priest at Gludin
Full GM Shop/NPC Buffer
Global Gatekeeper
Limited Buff Slots
Auto Learn Skills
No weight limit for characters
Challenging Olympiad
Working Olympiad
100% of the skills are working (We work hard to daily implement more)
High quality Geodata/Pathnodes for Castles
Spawn Protection
Smart and Powerful Spawn PK Guard
3 Custom Zones
Custom Accesories
Custom Tattoo's
Dread Weapons
Dread Armors
Rykros Armors
DAILY Updates - Active Development
Respect to our community
Active GMs
100% Balanced - 100% Uptime

And even more, join and find out!


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